About Acheson Business Association

Acheson Business Association was started in August 2004 as a formal association. The association has actively worked to:

  • Identify Acheson as its own postal code rather than using Spruce Grove.
  • Increase signage within the area with highway signage identifying Acheson Industrial Area on Hwys 16, 16A, and 60.
  • Identify high risk areas and lobbied for lights at Acheson Road & Hwy 60 and TWP 531A & Hwy 60.
  • Lobbied Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation to move Hwy 60 overpass grading and twinning to a three year plan.
  • Identify Hwy 60 north of Hwy 19 as a High Load Corridor. Completion of Phrase Two of a Three Phrase Plan.

History of ABA

Acheson Area began as a CN repair facility.

Acheson Area began as a CN repair facility.Many years ago the Acheson Area began as a CN repair facility with a portion of the land being empty farmland. In 1975 Eli Adler serviced two quarter sections with water, sewer and roadways. With this development Ellis Park became a reality. The area was referred to as Ellis Park and Acheson.

Ellis Park and Acheson was marketed by Ellis Developments.The existing red brick building located in the heart of Zone 3 was the first building to be built in the park. Today, this building is very functional and has several businesses operating at full capacity. Eli Adler named the roadways, Acheson Road, Fulton Road, Ellis Drive, Meyer Road and David Road which all remain and are being used today. Ellis Park and Acheson also had elevators located along the CN track.

After much of the original development, Parkland County took the initiative to change the name to the Acheson Industrial Area, to recognize the economic change to the area. Rapid development occurred from 1971 to 1981 at which time the Federal Energy Policy came into effect and further business development declined.

In 2001 with renewed interest from Parkland County, and local business development, the Acheson Business Area has grown steadily. Today the area has incorporated and attracted over 240 businesses.

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Choose Acheson Business Association

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Acheson Industrial Area

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1. Strategic Location - Access to Customers

From Acheson, two key points become very clear:

  • First, since we are located right next to Edmonton, our businesses enjoy a local trading area population of more than 850,000 people.
  • Second, our strategic location along the Yellowhead (TransCanada) Highway, with its strong, drive-by exposure, adds that extra dimension that really makes a difference.

2. Easy Access - Key Transportation Corridors

The Acheson Industrial Area is located at the junction of major provincial and regional arterial roadways. As a result, moving products in and around Edmonton takes less time and is hassle free. These same highways provide our businesses with an efficient Edmonton bypass route so that products can be moved effortlessly throughout the province and points beyond. If railway is your preferred mode of shipping, then Acheson is the perfect place.  CN Rail's main line runs through the heart of Acheson with spur line available.

3. Lower Operating Costs - Businesses Save Money

Parkland County has  NO BUSINESS TAX. A recent consultant's report showed that by locating in Parkland, businesses can save money. For example, the report detailed how a business can lower overall annual facility operating costs by as much as 25.4% for a 6,000 sq. ft. building ($18,596) and 19.2% for a 15,000 sq. ft. building versus the same structure in Edmonton. That's money in your pocket - every year!

4. Skilled Labor - Meeting the Needs of Business

In order to save money, you don't have to sacrifice skilled labor. Acheson's strategic location allows business to draw from all of Metro Edmonton's superbly trained, educated and motivated labor force.

5. Services - Low Cost Connections

Parkland County has installed new servicing infrastructure. This investment is designed to meet the long term needs of business and provides Acheson with perhaps the lowest priced, fully serviced industrial/commercial land in the Metro Edmonton region. We also have a large selection of unserviced land which allows us to meet all needs.



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