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Member Spotlight: Lotus Group

May 15, 2024

About Believing in the Power of People, the Lotus Group was born from a desire to ignite change and provide meaningful service and support for businesses in the areas that relate to their people. Founded in 2019 by their CEO Stephanie Rodenkirchen, Lotus’ service offering was purposely designed to be different from traditional recruiting models!…

2024 Women in Leadership Event Photos

May 14, 2024

Inspirational, engaging and empowering are words that describe the inaugural sold out Women in Leadership event held on May 9th, 2024. It was an amazing evening of networking, great food, and discussion. Our panelists Darlene Whittaker, Maron Green and Jacqui Konlup captivated the room and sparked some vital conversation. We were also joined at this…

Member Spotlight: RST

March 13, 2024

With long-standing family history and 25 years of providing quality trucking service, and unwavering determination, RST continues to drive forward. The Sanderson family started trucking in the 1950’s doing custom tractor and dirt works. Raised in a trucking environment it was a natural progression that in 1999, their son Ross Sanderson started his business, Ross…

Member Spotlight: Supreme Steel

January 15, 2024

Started in 1972 by John and Sally Leder, Supreme Steel has become one of Canada’s biggest privately held steel fabricators. John started working for a fabrication company and one day suggested the company buy a truck so he would not be working from the trunk of his car. They came back with the suggestion that…

Member Spotlight: OCTS

June 9, 2023

Providing Essential Services and Building a Strong Community Located in Zone 3 in Acheson, Overland Container Transportation Services (OCTS), is a specialty drayage and bulk transportation service provider. OCTS has been in business since 1989 and was founded in Edmonton by Jean Binnette, where the company evolved from its bulk transportation roots to a more…

Member Spotlight: North American Construction Group

May 23, 2023

Celebrating 70 years in business! From humble beginnings with a single bulldozer in 1953, North American Construction Group has grown into one of the largest construction contractors in Canada. Originally known as North American Road, the company has evolved with the times, taking on larger infrastructure projects and groundbreaking earth-moving contracts, and now features the…

Member Spotlight: Glowing Embers RV Park & Travel Centre

January 13, 2023

Located in Zone 5, Glowing Embers RV Park and Travel Centre has been a staple in Acheson since it was originally established in 1978. Glowing Embers offers many amenities around the park, ensuring that there is always something to do, even on a rainy day! The park includes an onsite laundry room, gym facility, restaurant,…

Transit in Acheson

November 24, 2022

On October 25, 2022 Parkland County Council approved a new Transit Service Delivery Model for 2023. Changes you will see include: Cancelling Route 561 Commuter Bus this includes cancelling stopping at Husky/Esso in Zone 1. Cancelling the Acheson Shuttle service and moving to an On Demand service. Partnering with the City of Spruce Grove and…

Member Spotlight: Parkland County Fire Services

November 10, 2022

With nearly 60 years of service on the books, Parkland County Fire Services is essential to the Acheson area. In 2014, Acheson’s very own fire station was built in Zone 1, and since then has been fully operational and a critical staple in the industrial park. The Parkland Fire Services has a paid on-call system…

Member Spotlight: Michener Allen Auctioneering Ltd.

August 17, 2022

From humble beginnings to roaring success, Michener Allen has been a staple in the Acheson Industrial Park since 1983. Located in Zone 2 on 65 acres, Michener Allen is a full service automotive and industrial auction company that operates year-round working with government, businesses, and individuals to sell and market their surplus vehicles and equipment…

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The Acheson Business Association fosters an engaged business community in Acheson to build meaningful connections, be a strong representative, and a valuable resource to it's members.

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