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Safety and Security in Acheson

Safety and security are paramount in fostering a thriving business environment. Below we've compiled essential resources help keep Acheson an exceptional place to do business.

How and where do I report a crime?

Parkland County RCMP Detachment

91 Campsite Road
Spruce Grove, AB
Crimes in progress or life in danger – 911
Non-Emergency Complaint line – (825) 220-7267
Report a Crime Online


Parkland County Municipal Peace Officers

Non-Emergency Line – (780) 968-8400
County Concerns Portal


Crime Stoppers

Call or text anonymous tips and information about a crime or suspicious behaviour.
Online Reporting

Where can I see what is happening in the area?

RCMP Crime Map

This was created for the public to view information on property crimes, stolen vehicles, and high-crime areas.


Parkland County Light Catch Map

The Lightcatch map provides information about suspicious activity within the county as reported by members of the public. Parkland County is providing the Lightcatch Crime Map as information to alert the public to potential concerns in their area, but it is not responsible for the accuracy of the data.


Acheson Industrial Park specific page

Welcome to the online engagement page for Acheson Industrial Area! Parkland County's Enforcement Services are monitoring this page and answering questions from the community. Please explore the tools to join in the conversation. Check back for updates and new projects

Crime Prevention Resources

Engrave it to Save it – Catalytic Converter Engraving

Catalytic converters are being stolen at an alarming rate across Canada.  Engraving your catalytic=tic converter with a portion of your VIN serves as a deterrent and makes it traceable in the event of theft.

For a list of participating businesses that offer this service visit Engrave it to Save it!


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Parkland County Enforcement Services offers CPTED property assessments free of charge to Acheson businesses. The goal of CPTED is through environmental design to reduce victimization, deter offenders, enhance sense of community among neighbours so they can gain control over area, reduce crime, and minimize fear of crime.

Call 780-968-8400 to request and book an assessment


Parkland CAPTURE (Community Assisted Policing Through the Use of Recorded Evidence)

By registering your security camera, you are taking an active role in helping deter crime and assisting the RCMP. This program helps the Parkland County RCMP solve crimes faster by reducing the time an officer needs to search for and gather video evidence. This program and providing footage are completely voluntary and all is kept confidential.

For more information on how to register your security camera visit Parkland Crime Capture.


Lightcatch – A Crime Prevention App

A crime prevention app for mobile devices that allows users to share information on stolen property or notifying others of suspicious activity in real time.

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