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Member Spotlight: Lotus Group



Believing in the Power of People, the Lotus Group was born from a desire to ignite change and provide meaningful service and support for businesses in the areas that relate to their people. Founded in 2019 by their CEO Stephanie Rodenkirchen, Lotus’ service offering was purposely designed to be different from traditional recruiting models!

Stephanie saw room for improvement within recruiting systems and has made it her mission to improve them not only for the clients but the recruiters themselves by going beyond skill, experience, and efficiency to reach the heart of true collaboration. Through this approach, they have experienced their clients increase revenues and decrease costs, all while elevating their businesses and their employees.

Their mission is to be Canada’s most trusted provider of Elevated People Solutions by focusing on three key areas:

  • Engaged Search; exclusive recruiting for managerial, director, executive level positions,
  • HR on Demand; clients can take advantage of their HR Professionals for a variety of topics such as policy and compliance handbooks, onboarding and offboarding, training and development, and conflict resolution to name a few.
  • Industrial or Volume Recruitment; helping client's source, screen and vet candidates for busy seasons or projects. The Volume model works well for finding contractors, laborers, skilled trades, and hourly wage earners.

In 2022, Lotus created the Volume Recruiting Model after many clients expressed a need for short term hourly wage employees who met specific job requirements. In the first 18 months with just 9 Volume Recruiting clients, they scanned over 26,000 resumes and placed 341 candidates. A virtual collective of recruiting professionals means their team collaborates to fill roles quickly, even the difficult ones. Lotus Group has created a model that enables shared collaboration and success for both clients and recruiters with a 98% fill rate on an average of 27 days to fill the posting.

The Lotus Group believes in giving back to the local community and supports many charity initiatives including Sport Central, Inflamed Brain Alliance, SCARS, KARA Family Resource Centre just to name a few.

They have been working with many businesses in Acheson for quite some time and were excited to join and become ABA members. They feel that Acheson has exceptional leaders who are innovative and productive and we 100% agree!

If you are in the market for recruitment or HR services, we encourage you to give Stephanie and her team a call.

Sport Central Champions Club event

Fun Fact:

Their company name is derived from the Lotus Flower itself, known for being agile, adaptable and able to thrive through many unique environments.

Contact Lotus Group

14055 West Block Dr NW
Edmonton, AB
T5N 1L8

Phone: (780) 233-1980


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